Monday, May 23, 2011

The Nursery- Part 2

The other major purchase we needed to make for the nursery was a comfy chair. I am not a fan of the typical glider chairs used and wanted a chair I could use elsewhere in the house after we had finished with it in the nursery. We found the perfect chair at Early Settler- super comfy, good height, stylin and the right price- around $600 from memory. The only issue was the lies they told us- a 2 week delivery turned into 6 weeks which really pissed me off- the amount of times I called to be told next week started to send me batty.
I also wanted a small side table- this was impossible to find so I went with a stool- the good thing is the top of the stool lifts off so I can use it to store stuffed toys later on.

The most fun was had with the accessories and final touches. The trees looked a little dull all by themselves so I went on the hunt for other decals and ended up with many forest critters. Here's hoping I won't confuse the girls as they grow older as half the animals on display don't even reside down under.
I also got some owl curtain tiebacks, birdy rug, knitted animals, etsy artwork, a cute light fixture and some cushions. 
Rug from Urban Outfitters
Owls from Urban Outfitters
Mobile from Made it
Mobile from Made It

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow - twins - congrats - they are beautiful. And I love the nursery - it is just gorgeous and those cots are so cute.