Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Places I've Been

Just the other night after coming home in a fuzzy general anaesthetic frame of mind I was thinking of all the different places I have been in the hospital since becoming pregnant. I was a hospital novice prior to my pregnancy and had only been to the hospital a handful of times to visit. Since becoming pregnant I have ventured to the following
  • Antenatal clinic- I spent a bit of time here- nearing the end of my pregnancy I paid them a visit once a week
  • Imaging- This is where my ultrasounds all went down
  • Monitoring - Birth Suite- I think I had devices strapped to my belly on several occasions late in my pregnancy, the room had pretty birdcage decals on the windows, the inside was ugly
  • Pathology- shit loads of blood tests all the time- the most memorable being when they lost my blood taking it from me to the lab
  • Birthing Room- Birth Suite- this is where all the fun happens- well not for me, I spent a few hours in here before my c section- my opinion- SCABBY- I would not have liked to push out a baby here
  • Emergency Operating Theatre- this is where the action happened and my bubbas came into the world. The theatre was very small, I had a picture in my head of operating rooms being massive chambers
  • Special Care Nursery- my babies spent 10 days here- I will write about this in another post
  • Maternity Ward- shared room 4 beds with babies- the horror of all horrors
  • Maternity Ward- shared room 4 beds- no babies- much better
  • Rooming In Room- Very basic, no food, no heat but a step closer to bringing our babies home
  • Emergency Room- I spent a full day here, the strangest thing is that no curtains are drawn so you can see all the other patients, I was very concerned about watching someone have a heart attack and die in front of me
  • Imaging- CT scan- like a big donut
  • Maternity Ward- single room- this is the shit
  • Day Surgery Waiting Room- Everyone is dressed in gowns and robes waiting to be walked into surgery- very odd
  • Day Surgery Anaesthetic Room- I don't think this is the official name but it is a little room where the anaesthetists ask you the same questions over and over ( I think to try and catch you out in your own lies) and stick a cannula in your hand
  • Day Surgery Operating Theatre- Again small and freezing cold. I asked the nurse why and she said so the surgeons don't sweat!
  • Day Surgery Recovery Room- Two parts, the beds where they yell at people to try and wake them up and the lounges where the monitor to you before you go home
The End

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