Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Nursery- Part 1

One of the best parts of my pregnancy (no I didn't quite enjoy the anemia, low vitamin c and d, thrombocytopenia, inability to move, one very swollen right foot and frequent trips to the bathroom) was planning the girls nursery. From the start I knew we needed to get it done sooner rather than later- I had my heart set on grey (much to the dismay of most folks) and I so kindly allowed hubby to choose the colour- who knew there was so many hues of grey. He chose a color that I don't remember any more at half strength and it turned out great- a very warm grey. I wanted white furniture and some type of tree/ forest decal which would pop against the wall colour.
Before I got preggers I always loved Stokke cots but couldn't really justify the price- this was when I was envisioning having 1 baby. When we found out we were having twins I even looked at knock off stokke cots at a third of the price. When I found at these cots didn't even build into a perfect oval I threw that idea out the window and just went with the real thing. I know they retail for around $1350 a piece but I think we managed to get ours both on sale at David Jones for around $1150 a piece- not that much of a saving but the best I could find. Next was the linen for the cots. Do you know how hard it is to find oval sheets? Very and even the Stokke branded ones are hard to come by down under. I managed to find a lovely lady on etsy that makes beautiful stokke sheets using funky fabric, there was also a lady on ebay who makes oval sheets in pastel colours so I ordered a few off both sellers.
Now that we had the basics grey walls and white cots I went on the hunt for decals. Originally I wanted wallpaper but couldn't find a design that I really loved. I searched high and low for tree and forest decals. I wanted them to be large enough to make an impact and in a quantity that could cover 2 corners of the nursery. In the end I bought then from etsy. The quality was bad and they were a nightmare to install, we even resorted to using superglue to keep them up (good luck to us when we need to pull them down). They were also full of creases and were incomplete. Eventually we got them up!
Next was a trip to Ikea (a 3 hour drive) to look for a change table, curtains, quilts and other nursery paraphernalia. We came away with a lot of stuff- some pretty curtains, curtain rod, picture frames, high chairs, quilts, light fixtures and a change table. The change table was a good match for the Stokke cot and had enough shelving to store many baby items.
Stokke cot in all its glory with birch tree decals

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  1. The name in the frame with birds is my favorite! I wish I had space in C's room for that!kids wall decals