Monday, December 12, 2011

Right Now

watching: Clean House New York- they just designed a nursery with a stokke cot- yay
eating:  just finished a banana sandwich- I only ever eat sandwiches if the bread is fresh- blame my mum she bought fresh bread daily 

drinking:  just had water but will probably now have  coke with ice- coke can NEVER be served without ice

wearing: threadless t-shirt and pj pants

avoiding: finishing off some more xmas cards, I ran out and have to make some more- BORING

feeling: dizzy and tired- not sure why I am dizzy but I am tired because Miss Darby woke me 6 x last night

missing:  drawing a blank here

thankful: happy and healthy girls

weather: ridiculous- where is SUMMER?

praying: N/A

needing: tropical island getaway or decent nights sleep

thinking: about my dad and he upcoming aggressive treatment for his cancer

loving: fudge pop ups (fake pop tarts), rosebud salve, hipstamatic, xmas decorations, real housewives of beverly hills, spending time with family and friends

link up and let me know what you are up to right now!

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