Sunday, December 11, 2011

Before I became a mother I didn't expect............

Have a house overflowing with baby crap- IN ALL ROOMS
Exhibit A

walkers and high chairs near kitchen

Exhibit B

jumperoo, bouncers, playmat, toys and lounges in family room

Exhibit C
bath stuff in shower
Exhibit D
bath toys and bumbos in bath

Exhibit E
bottles, formula and sippy cups on kitchen bench

Exhibit F
feeding goodies taking over drinking glasses cupboard
Exhibit G
pram in dining room when I can't be stuffed to load it into the car

Exhibit H
Laundry in study


  1. LOL this could be my house!! As much as I tidy it always looks so crowded with all the baby gear. The kitchen bench has no space as there are always bottles & formula lined up ready to go. With 2 of everything there is definately not much room for anything else!

  2. I can totally relate, kids take over everything! For me they're just another excuse to shop and buy, which makes me happy ;-) I especially love baby/toddler clothes!

  3. I guess it is expected that you have accumulated so many things now that you have two babies - funny because I used to go to other people's houses and think geez why can't they store the stuff away? Well it's because it's just easier and more convenient to have it all accessible right?

  4. I know I used to go to friends houses wth kids and think wow so much crap and so messy. I used to be a major clean freak- I have certainly relaxed that part of mine personality :)

  5. Love seeing scenes of your life right now. Wish I had photos like this from my girls were young.