Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Sucks

I was never this disorganised but having 8 1/2 month old twins means some things have to wait. I left part of my good friends b'day present until the night before her party. I had everything I required in the house except for the 30 lollipops which hubby kindly picked up for me.
I stole this idea off pinterest- super easy and rather fun.

I started with a gift box I received when the babies were born. The ribbon was still tied- bonus!! I found some foam in the expressi box which I just cut to size. I started with a electric knife which was way too loud and didn't really cut well so just finished up with a bread knife.

Next I worked out the layout, I needed to use toothpicks to pierce the foam and act as a stabiliser. It would have been heaps easier if the foam was all at one level as I had to cut pieces and add to make it all level.

I then realised I should have added tissue paper to hide the ugly foam so I took the lollipops out and started again.

 Next I painted some skewers pink to match the sign.

I then made up a sign using scrapping supplies, stuck it to the skewers and positioned in the middle of the lollipops.