Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I said I wouldn't do it- musings before motherhood

  1. Buy loud plastic toys for my children- whore me out to fisher price- we own them all and I have developed the skill of tuning out all the songs even though I like that fact they are all sung with a british accent
  2. Use dummies/pacifiers/soothers- can I blame SCN for this? Probably not- they did need them to develop their suck reflex but I was happy to continue shoving them in well after we had left the hospital
  3. Ban evil tv- from 3 months the girls loved the tv especially Cbeebies, no longer all they turn the head for is the theme song of Charlie and Lola and the opening credits of Sex and the City
  4. Dress the twins in matching outfits- hell they are twins and look especially cute when dressed the same
  5. Post 1 billion photos to facebook- I am indeed guilty of this but at least I have my fb mother's group which is closed so I am not annoying the masses
  6. No junk food- arrowroot biscuits and  mum rice rusks are on the menu here
  7. Change my social habits- everything is a logistical nightmare and having spewing girlies meant it was much easier to stay at home
  8. Start a blog about my twins.......

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