Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Childcare Rant

It is indeed an impossibility to secure childcare for one child so it is even a greater impossibility to secure childcare for twins. I thought I was smart and starting waitlisting twin A & twin B when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Now 588+ days later we still don’t have a magic place or places! I can’t take leave forever, my work has been very understanding but given all the time I took off whilst I was pregnant and the time I have taken so far in child rearing I am afraid they will give my job away. I am also afraid that I have forgotten my job and I will go back and have no clue just like when I started as a graduate many moons ago.

So far we are on twenty + lists and the most positive response puts us at number nine and ten in the queue. It is my local centre so I would much prefer it out of the other 19 listed. I have heard of the tricks, keep hounding to show your interest and take whatever day you are given. So far I have been hounding but no days yet! I have also been told that is much easier to secure a place once out of the baby rooms.

Given our current predicament my mother has generously decided to take LSL and travel fifty five minutes each way to care for my babies from eight am until four pm until those elusive spots materialise. She starts June fourth so now I am cherishing every spare moment I have with my one year olds. 


  1. Have you considered a nanny? It probably wouldn't cost that much more with 2 kids.

  2. I have Lisa but I think there is an issue with the rebate and agency rates seem to be very exxy :(

  3. True :( Abbott is talking about increasing the rebate for nannies which would help a lot of families. Until then, you're looking at $18-$20 per hour for a decent nanny + expenses (which is significantly cheaper than other states, for example in Perth you'd be looking at $20-$25 per hour).

    What area are you in? I can ask at Bub's daycare if they have any vacancies in the baby room, but I'm guessing you've probably tried everywhere near you already.

    Also, if you can find any centers that are newly opening, that's often your best bet for securing places.

  4. One further comment, have you tried looking for a good family daycare nearby, or setting up a nanny share arrangement?

  5. I'm sorry to hear how stressful the whole childcare process has been for you. You definitely did the right thing with putting them on a waitlist and looking at a few places but I've heard most of these places never really follow up on the applications unless they are short of numbers - which is very rare! I've been very lucky because the childcare that Lily goes to was brand new so we were able to get her in. Other places were telling me there was a 18 month wait!!!

    If you haven't already, try looking at childcare places that are on your work route. Maybe they will be less busy than the ones in your local area.

    Good luck with going back to work. You will be surprised that you havne't forgotten as much as you think ;-)

  6. I keep putting off enquiring for Logan but must get my butt into gear! Just hard with work being a bit up in the air until end of May :(

    Hurrah for Mum's, where would we be without them!