Friday, November 4, 2011

The Office

No not the tv show my place of work.

Top 10 Reasons That I Don't Miss Work
  1. Driving to work and parking (I hate both activities with a passion)
  2. Preparing food for the day
  3. Thinking up a respectable outfit for the day
  4. Working in extreme weather conditions (no a/c and a boiler that is always on the brink)
  5. Office politics
  6. Constant bitchiness and drama
  7. Irate work colleagues
  8. Constant stress and tight deadlines 
  9. Spending too much money on junk food
  10. Meetings!

Top 10 Reasons That I Miss Work
  1. Friends
  2. Going out for lunch and eating fancy food
  3. Free food from all the over catering
  4. Fast internet
  5. Free stationery
  6. Kicking ass with my projects
  7. Using my brain
  8. Looking respectable
  9. Socialising
  10. Lunch time walks

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