Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Spend Month

Saturday 8 October, 2011

We ventured out to some nurseries today as we are on the look out for some flowers to plant in our raised garden bed. We visited the government nursery which used to be inexpensive- not anymore so we didn't buy a thing. We also visited the nursery next to it which had some interesting plants but crazy prices to match. We then decided to have a bite to eat at the cafe opposite and sat down to find nothing appealing on the menu. I wasn't too keen on $8.50 for a small bowl of chips. On the way home we stopped at our local fish and chip shop and got small chips, 2 massive sea scallops and a garlic pizza all for the grand total of $10 bucks.
I also stupidly looked on ebay for baby safety items so we can start to child proof the house. I found this crazy cheap ebay store in Honkers- kind of like those $2 shops you find at any mall. I ended up buying a heap of crap I didn't need and spent $20- everything had free postage so I couldn't resist. 

Total for Saturday $30

Sunday 9 October, 2011

Today the hunt continued for plants. We decided to hit Big W as they have a great plant section and much better prices than the nurseries. We picked up 4 butterfly irises ($10 each). This will spread so good value, some baby food, baby toys and Halloween lollies for our local trick or treaters. $90 in total but I figure we could have spent that yesterday just on plants

Total for Sunday $90.

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