Monday, September 12, 2011

Surviving with Spewy Twins- AKA Life with Happy Chuckers

My babies have mild reflux- this means they vomit a lot but have no discomfort or pain in doing so. The medical professionals say it is 'normal' and would ease at 3 months (no) or 5 months (NO) and should stop when they start to crawl or when they start to walk (if it hasn't stopped by then I am sure I will be a loopy mamma with vomit all over the house). I also suffered (well my mother) from mild reflux which didn't stop until I began to walk.
So this normal condition is entirely frustrating for a clean freak for me. Here are some tips and tricks I use to make life a little bit easier.

Plastic Backed Burp Cloths
I think these are meant for putting over your shoulder when burping babies upright- well I use them whenever they are laying in their cots. They are the perfect size, can be replaced really easily without waking the babies, are cheap as chips (I buy them from Big W) and wash and dry very quickly.
573 Bibs and Washers
Or more or less depending on your needs. I am constantly adding more bibs to my supply in search of the ultimate bib. I will do an entirely separate post on the pros and cons of each style of bib (lol).
Washers, wash cloths or flannels- whatever you want to call them- you may need a few. I prefer any colour but white as formula can stain yellow which is not attractive. I buy mine from Best and Less, they are under $2 each are a just the right thickness. Don't bother with Egyptian cotton washers as they are just too thick and won't fold to catch spew (like that image in your head).

Egyptian Cotton Towels
  I fold them in half and place them under the babies heads when they are rolling around on the ground. They are very thick so protect quilts, rugs and carpet.

Napisan Babycare
This is great for removing formula stains, soak offending article overnight and wash an normal.

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