Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yum Cha

Today we ventured out for yum cha at the XY Dim Sim Dumpling House in Belconnen. The weather was shit but the food was delicious. We insisted on a table for 4 so that we could place the baby carriers on the spare seats so we could watch the girls whilst stuffing our faces. Prawns featured heavily in most of the dishes which was tops for me and the green tea was perfect. $18.80 each from memory. By the end I looked about 4 months pregnant with twins.

Darby top Remy bottom- my baby girls do not like to look to the camera. 
In the early 2000's I used to participate heavily in Wardrobe Remix at Flickr. This consisted of daily outfit posts- I averaged about 6 comments an outfit- most of my outfits being workie ones and most comments consisted of expensive chic, calvin klein esq blah blah blah. All the fetishists loved me in my stockings and hosiery!!!
Now I hardly dress so there is no point in me posting my daily outfits but I may as well have one today for old times sake.
Knit top- Urban Outfitters (the spots are actually lady birds)
Long Sleeve Tee- Living Doll (I like the side flap things)
Jeans- Hurley (fuck I love Hurley jeans I now have about 23 pairs. 5 of which are unworn and awaiting a time when all my other ones wear out. I first discovered Hurleys on my first trip to the states- we were somewhere cold it was snowing and I had long johns on. I found these for $8 in the juniors department which I thought meant they were kids. They were marked a size 3 and I did the wrap around the neck trick to see if they fit, I then tried them on without taking my long johns on and they fit! This was the beginning of a great love affair- the best thing is they never need taking up)
Shoes- some cheap arse Chinese brand from FSW, they are lilac velvet with some bling- marked size 9 which I bought after the babies were born and I had the terrible realisation that my feet had grown 1 full size. Thankfully they are marked wrong and maybe I have only gone up 1/2 a size- doesn't really help my 100+ shoe collection, might need to look into shoe stretching techniques.

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