Thursday, July 7, 2011

Modern Cloth Nappies

Before becoming a mum I had no idea about such things as modern cloth nappies. I initially thought we would just use disposables but once I found out how many babies go through x 2!! I started to consider MCN's.  A colleague introduced me to itti bitti's, they seem expensive at first but when you break it down to cost per wear they become more reasonable. I have all the sizes and one size fits most as well as snap in ones and all in ones. The initial investment was around $600 and I have been gradually buying more as I work out what styles suit the girls. The only painful thing is the drying time being winter and lack of sunlight, I have been drying them inside under the heating duct. A bonus is they came is cute colours and will look so adorable in summer when the girls are wearing just a singlet. 

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