Thursday, July 28, 2011

Essential Items for Surviving the First 4 Months with twins- Part 1

Battery Operated Rockers/Gliders

This is hands down the most essential item that we own. The good thing about these is they are like a second pair of hands. When one baby is screaming you can place the other baby in the rocker for a short time, when they are both screaming you can put them both in and turn the rocker on. We bought First Years Gentle Gliders from Target. You can pick them up for under $100 each. Initially we bought one of these and another brand which was an Elmo rocker. It sucked, had a really bad centre of gravity and was too high off the ground. After we tested out the First Years Glider we went back to Target and bought another one. The good features about this product is it has a reclining and seating position. For the first 3 months we used these as the girls beds. The seat itself is large enough so that they have plenty of room to lie down without their feet overhanging. The rocker also has adjustable speeds, different music choices and an arm that swings out which you can dangle toys off. We have recently hooked the lamaze toys Mortimer the Moose and Olivia the Owl of the arms and the girls can't get enough of them. We replace the batteries about fortnightly which is really good considering the amount of times they are turned on. 

Naww the baby girls were so tiny here (don't look to carefully they are not strapped in- naughty parents!!)

Microwave Bottle Steriliser

$70 bucks seems like a huge amount of money to spend on basically a plastic container. This item is a godsend. You can stuff it full of bottles and dummies and 2 minutes later everything is sterilised. We bought the Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser. I have since seen copies of this product for around $20- can't vouch for the quality of the cheaper ones though.

Bottle Warmer

This is good if you don't want to wait around while your bottles sit in a tub of hot water or you are too scared to use the microwave. We used this product solidly for 3 months straight.  We bough the Avent Digital Bottle Warmer. It can be used one handed and is quick to warm up the bottles. It became a pain the arse after a while as it seemed to constantly need descaling and would stop functioning if you didn't descale it. We now use the microwave (shocking I know) but might get the warmer out again soon as it can also be used to heat up solids. 

Wondersuits/Onesies/All in One Body Suits

Separates are no good when you have tiny babies. They don't stay on and we were forever pulling up pants and putting socks back on. Body suits are the best- quick and easy and they stay put. Our preferred brand are Bonds Wondersuits, they are cheap, durable and wash well.
Remy in her pink Wondersuit (socks on top because of the cold)

Love to Swaddle Up

Magic bits of fabric. They look so cute and they really work. We use them every night with the twins and it keeps them nice and calm and they don't wake themselves up. You can buy them here. 
We also have another product called Sleepy Wings  , they work on the same principle but just swaddle the arms. They have built in dummy holders but the angle just doesn't seem right for the girls and the dummies fall out.
The girls asleep in their Love to Swaddle Ups (very grainy pic- taken in the dark but you can get an idea)

Mesh Baby Bouncers

These are good for a change when you don't want to leave to babies in the gliders. The girls are getting more use out of them now as they are bigger and can kick their legs to make the bouncers move. I love the simplistic design and the fact that they are so retro (I had one as a baby), they are also very affordable- around $30 from memory and are light weight and can be taken when visiting. The brand we have is Babybounce Bouncinettes
Darby sleeping in her bouncer- check out those little hearts on her knees

The twins having a kick and watching tv

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