Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Dear

Yesterday I yelled at my babies- what a bad mum am I! I yelled at them to drink their bottle without fussing and then I yelled at them to stop spewing. In my defense this week for some strange reason it is now taking me 2 hours to feed both babies. Before they would easily drink 190ml but now Darby stops at 120ml and I have to persuade her to drink the rest. Even Remy the hungry little hippo is stopping and starting and stopping and starting. Once I finish a feed they sit in their rockers while I monitor if they will spew or not. Yesterday they both chucked repeatedly, little dribbles, waterfalls you name it. Ruined multiple bibs and clothes. In the end I had to give them a bath at 2pm they were just so stinky.

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