Monday, May 30, 2011


Current colour: Teal

Current fashion trend: Shirts

Current playlist: Nada Surf

Current obsession: Pinterest

Current drink: Lemonade

Current food: Mandarins

Current outfit: Black yoga pants, white long sleeve t- shirt, 3/4 caravan sweatshirt

Current fave TV show: Offspring

Current wishlist: For my bubbas to start stacking on the kegs and to not spew so much

Current triumph: Pain free for 2 days now

Current bane of my existence: Washing, Washing, Washing- at least 3 loads a day

Current iPhone app: Hipstamatic- this will never get old

Current celebrity crush: Asher Keddie

Current indulgence: Aldi cappuccino mix and melting moments (not helping with removing my last bit of preggo flab)

Current blessings: Amazing hubby and gorgeous bubbas

Current excitement: Offspring tonight

Current mood: Satisfied

Current website: Pinterest

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