Monday, May 16, 2011

Aches, Pains and Sleep Deprivation

Trying to look after twins when you are pain free and awake is hard enough. At 3am this morning I managed to pull a muscle in my back while I was getting out of a chair after feeding Darby. I could hardly walk and the pain was barely tolerable but I needed to hold her tight and get back to the bedroom, Craig was preoccupied feeding Remy and was so sleep deprived he was incoherent. We have been taking it in shifts to do the feeding. Craig is a pro at this and manages to time the feeds so they are not howling at the same time. When I do the daytime feeds they seem to wake at the same time and howl which makes it very difficult to manage so Craig has been helping out with these feeds as well. He now only has 2 weeks left before he needs to go back to work so fingers crossed I can get them into a better routine or learn his secrets.

 Darby striking a pose

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